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Ushuaia TV (part of the TF1 group) in France will broadcast Connecting Delta Cities after March 1, 2010.

Ushuaia TV is the sustainable and planet protection TV channel.

Since April 2008, Ushuaïa TV has reinforced its editorial position to become THE sustainable development and planet protection TV channel. With a broad TV channel audience, Ushuaïa TV offers new environment topics treated through entertainments. Green coaching programs to become ecologically responsible, documentaries to explore more respectful ways of living around the world; and still the famous magazine “Passage au Vert”, in a new format where Claire Keim talks about little thoughts to save the planet.

Switching to high definition, since October 2008, enabled us to enjoy an exceptional image quality and specifically on famous daily shows such as “Ushuaia Nature” or “Sentinelles de la Nature”.

Ushuaïa TV enjoys a very strong brand which unifies French people. Its ambassador, NicolasHulot, is one of the favorite French personalities.

Ushuaïa TV is building a strong partnership strategy with the main sustainable development actors such as WWF, the Cité des Sciences or Max Havelaar. The TV channel offers its media support to events like Les Ateliers de la Terre, the Ile de France International Environnement Film Festival of the Bourges International Environnement Film Festival.

As a Pay TV channel, Ushuaïa TV is available through satellite, cable, ADSL and 3G; mostly distributed in France but also in francophone Europe, Maghreb and sub-Saharan Africa. At the end of 2008 Histoire has 2.2 million subscriber households.

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